Visionaries + Voices

Northside, a Cincinnati neighborhood, is known for it’s quirkiness. The main drag through town is peppered with offbeat small businesses and non-profit art and literacy organizations. So I knew I was in for a treat when I visited Visionaries + Voices.

V+V is off the main drag in a drab industrial neighborhood dominated by browns and grays: you know you’ve found their space when you see color. The two story mural is an homage to the man who inspired the creation of V+V, Raymond Thundersky.

V+V Mural

V+V Mural detail

Stepping inside, the first thing you see is their small gallery space. Beyond that are working studios: drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture. Many artists were busy working on the day I visited. The walls and shelves were full of artwork in various stages of creation. Much of the artwork I saw was breathtakingly beautiful.


V+V Gallery

Some of the artists teach workshops at local elementary and high schools. Some of them regularly sell their work for thousands of dollars. Despite this they still face one huge challenge: being accepted into the mainstream art world. These artists are disabled, and their art is still lumped in the questionable category of “outsider art.”


Check out V+V and see for yourself. There you will find artists who are serious about their work, artists who deserve the respect and admiration of the art world. Or attend their fundraiser, Double Vision on May 18, 2013, to buy some artwork and support their cause.