Feral Barrels

I adopted Lil Bit, pictured here with her friend, Dexter.

I adopted the cone Lil Bit, pictured here with her friend, Dexter.

Last summer we were inundated with orange barrels and never ending roadwork in front of the bike shop where I work. We spent a lot of time grumbling about traffic, lack of parking, traffic, lack of communication from the city, traffic (you get the idea). But complaining didn’t accomplish anything, we needed some action.

I started joking about it with the scuba people next door. That started the ball rolling. I couldn’t stop thinking about them on my drive home. 20 minutes thinking about orange barrels.  20 minutes! Thinking. About orange barrels.

On my drive, there is a special stretch of road. If I’m mulling something over when I hit this section, inspiration strikes me. I don’t question it, I just accept it. That’s where the Feral Barrel Adoption Program was born.

I was ate up with the idea. It really cracked me up. The program was very successful for about a month. By the end of that month the roadwork was pretty much done. The barrels soon disappeared…I mean were adopted.

Everyone hates orange barrels. I don’t particularly like them either. But I can no longer look at a poor little barrel without wondering if it will make it back to its natural habitat, wherever that might be.

Do you have an annoying problem? Try looking at it from a different angle. You might be amused by what you see.


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