New Direction

How do you make an ant trap more appealing? Add a sign. “Free Buffet”

You may have noticed that I’ve taken some time off from this blog. I’ve decided to take it in a new direction, an exploration of creativity. We are all creative, but so many of us have learned to hide it. Ridicule, ignorance, a lack of respect, and a lack of stimulus form the barriers that we hide from. Together we will break down those barriers to discover what it takes to be creative and how we can incorporate it into our lives.

From the big ideas of the most outrageously creative minds today to my neighbors down the street, I will be sharing their ideas with you and what it means to be creative. Ordinary people are achieving extraordinary creativity. Extraordinarily creative people are pushing the limits. How can we harness this energy to make our lives and world better? We will explore this too.

I took a survey in my house the other day. I asked, “What does creativity mean?” Here are the answers:

“Using your mind to solve a problem in an unconventional way.”

“Making connections where there were none before.”

“Different from the usual things that you experience.”

“Helping your mind expand to have newer and better ideas than before.”

What is your definition of creativity?


One response to “New Direction

  1. I think creativity is the ability to leave any predefined set of rules. This means, if we could describe our thinking processes in terms of a formal theory or algorithm, creativity is the ability to leave the scope of that theory. It is at the hart of human intelligence. As a result, a complete formal theory of thinking and of human culture is impossible in principle. There are no fixed rules or structures of thinking or culture.
    A friend of mine, the mathematician, computer scientist and philosopher Kurt Ammon, defined creativity as the ability to compute non-(Turing-)computable functions. Turing-computable functions are those for which an algorithm exists. In short, things that can be done without requiring creativity.
    Creativity is connected to the topic of incompleteness. Since a creative system (like a human being or a culture) can leave the scope of validity of any (exact or formal) description of it, it cannot be described (and understood) completely. That is why there is a division between natural and cultural sciences.

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